Hello! my name is Mohammad Sadeh, people like to call me “Moh” I was born in Jerusalem Israel. I remember when I was a kid I was always curious about how cartoons were created, When I saw Blizzard cinematics World of War Craft and Diablo for the first time I was struck by the beauty of 3d and what it can do.

I spent all my teen years studying and practicing 3d by my self using 3ds max 2.5  and eventually made the decision to study 3d animation in Canada and found a great school in Vancouver. Here, I studied one year and then took an amazing journey to transform from an international student to a professional VFX Animator / 3D artist working in the VFX industry with companies like Image Engine, Method Studios, MPC and many more on multiple Hollywood movies including Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb, Avengers Age of Ultron, Monster Trucks, Call of Duty Cinematics, Microsoft Commercials and lastly Thor Ragnarok.

Also I love teaching 3d artists and help them take their skills to the next level feel free to check out my youtube channel for free tutorials, if you want to dig deeper feel free to check my courses section to learn an in-depth skills for each topic. talk soon!

3ds max 2.5   “the guy lifting a planet!” (click on image to enlarge) you guys probably remember this image right! 😀